Family constellation workshops

What is a constellation?

Systemic Constellations can provide us with a living map of our lives and the ‘systems’ we belong to including our birth family, culture, relationships, work connections as well as loyalties that we can be unaware of or do not recognised them as unhelpful.

By working with a living map we can begin to see ourselves and others from a different perspective. We can open up our view of what we experience as problems or blocks to our wellbeing. This can lead to movements at a soul level that allow us to take the first steps towards healing from feelings that have held us back.

What happens at a constellation workshop?

A constellation begins with a conversation between the facilitator and issue holder about the issue they have brought to be worked on. Sometimes the focus of the work changes during that conversation. In addition the issue holder is asked to identify what they hope to go away with from the constellation – how things would be different if the constellation gives them what they most need.

The issue holder is then asked to select different group members to represent different people or elements that are needed to make up the ‘map’ of the situation or dilemma.

The representatives chosen then stand up and are guided towards a place to stand that ‘feels’ right to the issue holder. This may not be their final position but how the current situation is now. The facilitator then asks the representative to feedback information about how they are feeling physically or emotionally – where their attention is focused or if they want to move.

Through this process (mapping, feedback and movement) we can then begin to see what or who might be affecting movement towards a resolution. This information is used to give the facilitator a deeper understanding of what might not be aligned in a person’s family system or what makes things worse or what can support a movement towards resolution. People may change where they are standing or say something that will deepen the understanding of the issue or create movement towards resolution.

Other representatives may be brought in to represent what is needed to realign the system that is represented. The resolution is created by the ‘Ordering Forces’ being aligned. These are guiding principles, identified by Bert Hellinger, that allow a system to function more healthily and with energy and flow. The system may of course be our family system, our relationship, our working environment or our sense of our health and purpose.

Should I book as an issue holder or a representative?

You can experience the workshop as an issue holder or as a representative only. The difference between the two is that the issues holder you come with the intention of setting up your own issues at some point during the workshop. Representatives are there to represent various members or elements of the systems that are being looked at. Many people get to experience deep insights while acting as a representative for others. In addition, as a member of the group that is observing the constellations you will also gain insights and be part of supporting the process.

How can a constellation help?

Constellations workshops can shed light on the greater picture of our family system and events that have influenced the patterns that have been passed down from generation and are manifest in our responses – including physical and emotional unwellness.

  • Do you feel held back from taking the first steps towards the life that you want to live?
  • Are their repeating patterns in your personal, family or work relationships that are unhelpful to you?
  • Are you seeking clarity about your soul’s purpose and have a deeper understanding of yourself?
  • Do you have concerns about your health – physical or emotional?
  • Are you seeking to live your life more fully but feel held back by a family loyalty?

Additional Notes

If you feel that you are not ready for group work then this work can also be done on a one to one basis and maybe the place for you to start. Maybe you just want to come as a representative. This workshop is experiential so whether you are representing or observing you will be part of a healing process through the constellation.

If you are interested in attending a workshop please look out for posts of dates or contact me for more information on ljnicholl29(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or on 07779097415.