Personal Issues Coaching

This coaching approach can help

  • Identify what your heart’s desire is.
  • Create movement towards your desired life purpose.
  • Focus on what is getting in the way of you moving towards what you want for yourself personally, in relationships or in your work.
  • Deepen your understanding of your life patterns and take the first steps to moving in a different direction towards healing and resolution.

Sometimes we do not have a clear understanding of what our heart’s desire is – often the first session is spent clarifying what that might be. This might be different for the different parts of your life. It is important that we agree our intention for the work so we remain focused on what is important to you.

The work will then identify what the blocks might be to you moving towards your goals. Systemic thinking suggests that these often originate from previous patterns in our families and can continue to be represented by us in the present. The impact of events (including trauma) can also be experienced as blocks and stop us accessing what we want for ourselves or even lead us to think we are not worthy of something different.

We then identify resources that will support movement towards your goal. These can be within yourself (often have remained hidden), actual people or elements that can strengthen you in your journey.

In this way you will feel a sense of clarity and rightness about the next steps you need to take.


Sessions are usually up to 1.5 hours and can be arranged in Frome. Follow up sessions are arranged at a pace that suits the work that you choose to do and can be arranged in advance or from session to session.

£65 for initial consultation (usually 1.5 hours)

£50 for follow up sessions (between 1–1.5 hours)

Please do not hesitate to contract me via phone or email to discuss any questions you may have.