Organisational and Team Coaching

This can take the form of individual coaching with staff, team leaders or working with teams as whole system. This means that we work on specific principles that influence the ‘health’ of a team or organisation. Being clear about the purpose of the organisation, having good working relationships and being valued can all impact on staff morale and productivity.

With over 30 years’ experience in the NHS I am familiar with the challenges facing leaders and managers of complex organisations. I have used the Organisational Systemic Approach as a manager and leader to inform how I approached staffing and team issues, particularly when undergoing a change process.

Sessions can be tailored to an individual or be part of a team building programme either directly, or informing planning of a team/organisational change process.

‘Diagnostic’ work can provide essential information to the planning of a team or organisational change process – including where there the blocks might be.

Systemic coaching in an organisational setting is a short term, solution focused approach and can be tailored to a current or ongoing situation. The work usually begins with a conversation with leaders or managers about the desired outcome from the work and where best to focus the coaching relationship.


Coaching sessions can be up to 1.5 hours. Rates can be discussed depending on the bespoke coaching package that is needed.