Solution-focused workshops

Systemic Family Constellations are designed to explore deep rooted problems, however they can also be of help when people are faced with difficult choices whether they are issues around personal direction, career or relationships.

Solution Focused constellations can be structured in a way to focus on the decisions in hand or to look at the directions that may be on offer for someone to take with their life. Whilst constellations do not predict the future, by taking a look at a living map of what the issues are and what resources are needed we can find resolution or signposting to what option will best serve our needs. We can explore different choices and the impact on ourselves as individuals giving clarity and a way forward. Whilst these can be done in a family constellation workshop these workshops will be set up to work entirely in this way.

The process of an initial conversation, clarification of the issue and setting up of elements will be very similar to a family constellation workshop. People will be asked to be representatives of elements of the decision as well as blocks and supports.

The workshops will be part of an ongoing block of groups where we will meet monthly and participants can bring their issues to be worked on in an evening group.

Constellations can help with decision making by giving you the unique chance to observe representatives actually embodying the choices in question.

Additional Notes

If you feel that you are not ready for group work then this work can also be done on a one to one basis and maybe the place for you to start. See more information on my coaching page. Maybe you just want to come as a representative. This workshop is experiential so whether you are representing or observing you will be part of a healing process through the constellation.

If you are interested in attending a workshop please look out for posts of dates or contact me for more information on ljnicholl29(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) or on 07779097415.